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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Summer of "cold" Movies

A report for the summer’s box office revenues has been published and the numbers aren’t looking so hot – actually they’re looking pretty much the opposite of hot.

With budgets for the summer blockbusters hitting a record high, Hollywood assumed the same could be anticipated for its theatrical revenues.


Ticket sales have hit a record low - the lowest number of actual movie tickets sold since 1993, according to a report by

So where were the movie-goers this summer?

I blame it on the inflation of ticket prices since it is now a luxury for me  – and most of my close friends – to plan a trip to the movie theatre. For at least $10 bucks a flick (plus popcorn and soda expenses), the experience I get for my hard earned dollars doesn't seem to quite match up so well. Thus, I am rarely satisfied.

The summer of 2010 produced seven 3D movies; I saw one of them: “Shrek Forever After.” In my opinion, the final installment of the series was decent, but not worth the extra bucks I paid to see it in 3D.

Then there was “Sex in the City 2,” which lacked a storyline, and "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse," which only made me angry.

So again, where were all the movie-goers?

Well, I guess we’re really tired of poorly written scripts and soaring ticket prices. The next time I visit the theatre, I'll first log onto facebook and twitter to seek any updates on the movie of interest.

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