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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Strategies. Strategies

In the past decade or so, Bollywood has witnessed a major popularity soar throughout the international film world.
And of course, everyone knows once you're hot, you can't stop there.

CBS Studios International has recently announced a new partnership with India's Reliance Broadcast, Network Ltd., affiliated with Reliance Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group, most known in the western world as DreamWorks' partner in crime.

The new partnership will deliver three major English-speaking entertainment channels: BIG CBS Prime, BIG CBS Spark and BIG CBS Love.

The joint alliance, newly named BIG CBS Networks, hopes to reach 134 million viewers and three million digital televisions throughout India. The collaboration will also produce India's first ever "women's channel," similar to the concept of America's Women's Entertainment Network.
The partnership will permit the three new channels to air popular shows from CBS's programming library, which includes "Everybody Loves Raymond," "Charmed," "Entertainment Tonight," and "America's Next Top Model."

America's film industry could learn a thing or two from Bollywood's tactics...take the world by storm through international collaborations and produce complex and intriguing storylines over and over again. The current growth rate for the Hindi-language film industry tops America's produced and distributed films in a very traumatizing way.

In very strategic efforts, Bollywood is focusing their energy on English-speaking entertainment channels since this will, undoubtedly, allow them to reach an expanded breadth of international audiences. When the film industry's golden crown lands safely in India, Bollywood can then switch their focus to Hindi-language films. By this time, the world will be so enamoured, we won't mind sitting through one closed captioned film after another.

Very strategic, indeed.

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