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Monday, September 20, 2010

Hollywood kneeling to Bollywood

Acquiring $4 billion in debts would force most to reconsider the way past businesses have been conducted.

Unfortunately, this tune also rings true for the 86-year-old Metro-Goldwyn Mayer, responsible for classics such as "Gone with the Wind" and the "Wizard of Oz." Shocking reports have been confirmed that a $2 billion bid on MGM will soon lead the all-American production and distribution film studio abroad into the hands of Sahara India Pariwa.

The major deal is still a work in progress and specific details have not yet been released, but the new collaboration will be the second example in recent years of how the once-major players in Hollywood should really watch out for the young and exotic Bollywood.

Similar to the downward turn of the economy, America's film studios have been facing serious financial turmoils for years and in 2008, Dreamworks Pictures announced it would end its partnership with Paramount Pictures for a chance to work alongside India's Reliance ADA Group. Today, Dreamworks Pictures is 50 percent owned by Anil Ambani's Reliance corporation.

What can this all mean for avid movie-lovers? The changing of international major players could lead to a significant modification in the way movies are produced in the future.

An example?

Aside from a change in production names and logos, even once familiar fictional characters could be slightly, yet significantly altered. With the unforeseen future of MGM, the next movie in the James Bond 007 series - originally scheduled to be released in 2011 -  has been halted for an unknown amount of time. After all, the new partnership could give the heroic British spy a slightly changed accent or even name.

And the world is definitely not ready for that!

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