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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hustler traits needed during economic difficulties

Striving to become an entrepreneur during an economic downturn might not be the easiest thing to accomplish, but Michelle Slonim is determined to be a consistently working entertainer while setting up Jewish singles throughout New York City.

Slonim’s love for Jewish theater and playing Cupid have combined to result in a quirky solution for producing an off-broadway play, despite not having a handful of available

The “Date My Jewish Friend” play, which Slonim is set to act and produce in, will be funded by a party by the same name. For the mixer version, attendants are required to bring a friend of the opposite sex and basically, pimp one another out.

Six actors will take note and act out various improv scenarios from a typical singles party. After four weeks, the rehearsals will be recorded, transcribed and produced into a script for the show at an off-broadway cabaret venue.

To truly understand Slonim’s fascination with not only Jewish theater but also Jewish people, one must watch her video parody of the popular “Shoes” video where instead of searching for the perfect shoes, the character is on a search for Jews, repeatedly stating, “Jews…oh my god Jews…let’s get some Jews.”

“My ideas come naturally or at least natural for my brain sequence,” Slonim said. “I was in an entertainment lecture with some good looking writers and all of a sudden I had the idea I should throw a date my friend not in the industry party."

“Its logical to me, at least.”

Slonim, a native New Yorker, decided to leave the city after high school to pave her own way and headed to the University of Michigan to study Spanish and theater.

“In high school, I loved acting and soccer,” Slonim said. “Figured I wasn’t going to go pro with soccer so that ended and I pursued acting.”

After Michigan, Slonim headed to Latin America to pursue her theater career before landing her debut as a leading female comedic actress in a Florida production of “Jewtopia.”

Since returning to the city, Slonim has worked for comedy web-shows, such as, Comedy and Conde Nash. She calls herself a “hustler” as the former associate producer of 24-hour plays on Broadway and Musicals, a non-profit teaching artist, a real-estate license holder and founding member of the improv troupe Hebrew School Dropouts.

Before Oxygen television network became a part of ABC, Slonim was a semi-finalist to star and produce in a show called “The Michelle Slonim Show: In the Mix” centered around the comedic actress’ ability to play different guys she’s dated in the past.

“The experience was great for me,” she said. “For the first time, I created something
instead of just going to auditions.”

Maggie Blumer, an actress and newcomer in New York City, met Slonim at a restaurant in
lower Manhattan where the comedic actress approached her about being a part of
an upcoming project.

“I respect Michelle’s resilient and self-promoting characteristics inside a business
that shields itself from new comers,” Blumer said. “The paid jobs are scarce and
successful vision is hard to come by.”

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